Emotional Freedom

Starts With You

You Deserve to Be Happy

There is no reason for you to struggle with anxiety & depression every day. You have a life to lead and a big impact to make in the lives of your family, employer, and the community. You do so much for so many. 

It’s your turn. 

How would it serve your soul to overcome the impact of emotional struggles & feel like your truest self, peaceful and empowered at home & work?

Discover Depression & Anxiety Relief That Lasts Without Ever Leaving the Comfort of Home

As the founder of Peace For You, I’ve been privileged to help over 1,000 clients create emotional freedom from depression and anxiety…without harsh drugs or years of painful therapy.

My work has been featured at: United Way, PIMA Community College, and CareMore Health Systems.

In addition to my hands-on work with anxiety and depression, I’m a successful financial investor. But my life’s work is centered around helping women live in joy and raising my 12-year old son.

I’ve been coaching, mentoring and transforming the lives of individuals for 16 years where I go beyond motivation to deliver simple, fun & powerful processes that create LASTING emotional freedom.

Over the years, I’ve discovered a proven 5-step process that eliminates struggles with anxiety, depression, and fatigue in as little as 8 weeks.  I guarantee your anxiety and or depression will be relieved or I’ll refund every cent you have invested!

Emotional Freedom to Restore Your Power
to Create Your Best Life

Natural Depression & Anxiety Relief

Ready to get relief from depression and anxiety?   

Corporate Wellness Solutions

Want an energized team ready to achieve BIG goals?

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With 15 years of experience serving individuals and companies, I’ve discovered the ancient and modern wisdom to not only free you from depression and anxiety, but to unleash your energy, passion and purpose to fuel your best life. I’m excited to share it with you. 

Whether you live in a Tucson Arizona neighborhood or you’re somewhere else in the world, you deserve to be happy.