It will change your life.

“I’ve been coaching with Jim for several months. It’s a riot! We have so much fun together. I feel better. My energy goes up. I connect with other people. We usually do it at the end of the day. It’s amazing. I walk in like “Ugg” and I come out “Yea!”. So, try it. It will change your life.”
Dr. Joanne Haupert

More fulfilling relationship and connection with my husband!

“I’m so relaxed. Working with Jim has been an incredible experience for me. He is a tremendous leader and ally in experiencing deep peace. Peace, joy guaranteed; it’s true. More fulfilling relationship and connection with my husband! I’m super grateful to Jim, he’s been the best!”
Denise Stovall

Having Jim as my coach is exactly what I needed to find peace in the midst of all the distress.

“I have been working with Jim for the past few months and wanted to tell you how he has helped me breakthrough depression and find my inner joy. As a first-time mother going through a divorce I was overtaxed, stressed out and very unhappy, crying all the time. Having Jim as my coach is exactly what I needed to find peace in the midst of all the distress. His techniques are fun, easy and very relaxing. Helpful to move beyond any kind of negative thinking that I could sometimes go to deep into. More clarity, more peace of mind. The ability to step back from my thoughts. It helps me to get centered and then to remember that in this present moment, that all is well. He is an amazing person and he really helps to hold the space of enlightenment and joy. I am very grateful that he has helped me so much.” I know he can help you too.
Tracy Molina

I have not had a depressive episode in almost 2 years.

“When we first started working together, I had already had an accident in which I had a med related seizure. I really smacked my head on the parietal lobe. I use to have musical compositions coming to me on a regular basis. They stopped. I thought it was part of my depression.
After starting the treatments, not only did my depression go away, but in working on this area of the brain back here, now the music has come back. Now sometimes I have pieces play all day long. It is great. I thought I had lost that part of my life forever. Now, it is all back with me. It’s even better than it was before. I am just amazed. I have not had a depressive episode in almost 2 years. Wow! I’m not in the pit. That is such a change for me. I felt more energized. My back is better. I used to have chronic low back pain. Now, maybe a minor little stiffness in there. As compared to, I don’t know if I can stand up because my back used to hurt so bad.
I am really impressed. Don’t need to go to physical therapy, don’t need to take any medications. I have no lower back pain. This is marvelous. My confidence level is much higher. I am happier than I have been in a very long time, because I don’t have the depression
I can sit back and look at whatever situation and pick up the absurdity and have a good laugh at it. It is so empowering. It is not a question of where am I going to get the strength. It’s a question of how much strength do I need. Because it is available. The latency of my gifts were being kept down by my situation. Now my situation has changed and I have all of this healing going on. We can all transform our lives at any time. It takes the willingness, it takes the desire and it takes the legwork. You have to be open to it. I am not worried about what tomorrow brings because tomorrow always takes care of itself.
I would definitely recommend you and your services to everybody I meet who I feel could benefit from this. You have nothing to lose by getting this therapy, and everything to gain.”
Joseph Godwin

The pain is so much lighter than it was before

"I was in a lot of pain and a lot of depression and anxiety. I was on a downhill spiral. Coming here has opened my mind to new thinking. I feel better. The pain is so much lighter than it was before. I feel lighter than I ever was before. That is a miracle! It really lightens the load when you feel like there is love and peace, someone cares. I have less pain, less mental anguish. When you are not depressed all the time it is possible to see the light. I have been able to relax more. Now I can slow down a little bit. It is not as fearful. My energy is picking up. I am doing paperwork that I wasn’t doing before. More productive. It has taken part of the burden off. My focus is better. I can laugh. More freedom. It has helped with fibromyalgia. When I first started, I had burning across and down my back. The burning has gotten better. It is not noticeable. I feel like I can stand taller. My mid back does not burn and sting near as bad and that’s been really encouraging. I feel more alive. My neck has mobility. That is much better. It has loosened up. Being more free to move. Sciatica is better. I can do more things. I feel good. TMJ is better. Not as tight. My overall pain is much less. I am freeing myself and giving myself permission to do things. Depression is different because it is not there all the time. Not taking myself so seriously. Louis (grandson) and I are doing better. I feel like we are getting closer. I am a better listener. I feel like I have grown and for that I will be forever grateful. All of me is OK. To not have all the noise in my brain, that has made a big difference. Jim’s been very helpful with me with my kidneys. I had a lot of low back pain associated with it. With the help of the laser, it has really helped a lot. It has really been encouraging to me now that I feel better. Panic attacks are much better. I am more able to let them go. And to not focus on them, allow them to overcome me. PTSD is much better too. I am not nearly as terrified. That is a major step. My memory is improving. Restless leg, I haven’t noticed it so much during the night. That’ really good. My sleep quality has really benefitted. I sleep through the night now. Migraines. I have not had one. It’s been 5 weeks since I’ve had a migraine. I used to have them at least once per week, sometimes more. That’s really been good. That has been freeing. My blood pressure is coming down (had high blood pressure). The numbers were getting ugly. That is real progress. I like me better."
Kathie Berry
I feel happier.

When I first met Jim, I wanted to feel happier and less depressed. I am really grateful for him and everything he has done for me. He is very caring and has a genuine interest in my well-being. I have more friends. I experience more joy than I did before. He has helped me to achieve a state of happiness very quickly. I feel happier.

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